Hors Catégorie = Beyond Expectations

There are models and projects that sit outside of normal classification.  Whether it's a mix of materials, a bike that's designed for gravel events, a simple fixie, or something entirely different, we can help.

Our set of skillsets and capabilities mean that there are things we can do to help you realize your project. 

The special "Hors Catégorie" projects are all quoted on a per project basis.  Let us know what your dream is and we'll help it become a reality.

From the Simple

Fixies, Single-Speeds, something elegant in its simplicity.

To the Complex

Integrated Di2 gravel bike with disc mounts, custom steel fork, Rohloff set-up and then some.

Your Dream Project

One-off, special custom rigs are our specialty.  Let us know what we can do for you.