Cyfac Alloy Production

Cyfac pioneered the production of the world-class alloy frameset.  As the designer of such storied tubesets as Columbus AIRPLANE, we showcased our skill and abilities from the late 1980's through alloy's height of popularity into the early 2000's when nearly 1/3 of the top-tier racing peloton was on an alloy Cyfac frame under a sponsor's paint scheme.  Cyfac's double-pass weld and hand-sanding process ensures both a rock-solid, high-quality frameset and an amazing finish.  In fact, many mistake our painted alloy frames for carbon frame such is the smoothness and finish level of the tube intersections.

Cyfac alloy frames were at the heart of pro racing in the 1990's and early 2000's.  World Championships, Classics, and many grand tour stages were won on a Cyfac of this era.  With talk of an alloy resurgence, we can proudly state that we pioneered the category and have strongly supported the qualities of alloy.