Ride Faster.  Farther.  Better.

Ask any Tour rider, long-distance champion or seasoned enthusiast and you'll hear a recurring theme to describe how they ride longer, farther, and faster - comfort.  Whether it's how your shoes fit, the feel of your saddle, or the cycling kit you select, having a comfortable set-up is of utmost importance.  While many riders focus on their contact points (shoes, saddle, gloves) the key is to consider the riding position and frame geometry connecting these points.

A riding position that suits YOU is key.  It allows you to ride injury-free, without nagging aches and pains, and with the greatest efficiency.  There is no "right way" to look on a bike.  There is a way that best utilizes your physiology and, through the proper cycling ergonomics, pairs the rider to the bike for the best man-machine tandem.  Most other fit methods are highly subjective, depending too much on "feel" and the skills of the individual bike fitter.  Various fit technicians using the same method may still end up with different results.  To us, this is not scientific.  We have changed this.

We present the Cyfac Postural System as the leading fit system in the world.  We focus on results, creating the best alliance between the rider and the bike to ensure a performance that makes you ride faster, farther, and better.

As of April 2016, and following 13 years in the market, undergoing continuous development and support, CYFAC partnered with MORPHOLOGICS in order to re-ignite the concept and further exploit its full potential. By selling the Cyfac fitting system, we have given it over to a company with expertise and passion for bike fit, owned and operated by renowned bicycle fitting expert, Michel Le Goallec. 


Why fit is so important:

A custom fit -- one that places you and your machine in perfect harmony -- is the best way to realize your riding potential. Each rider's morphology, level, history, and riding discipline demands a specific position adapted to the individual. The proper set-up improves efficiency, comfort, performance, and aerodynamics while ensuring injury prevention. The proper frame geometry will provide dynamic handling, confidence, and the best synergy between rider and bike. If you crave the ultimate benefits of a custom design or if you simply want to adapt the optimal position on your current bike (if possible), the CPS will enable this. 


Super comfort, increased speed, power maintained...Riding in the drops is possible and enjoyable!
— Karl Anjel

What is the Cyfac Postural System?

Conceived to create an optimal union between rider and machine, the Cyfac Postural System is the realization of more than 20 years' of detailed positioning analysis done at France's Lyon Center of Sports Medicine. A full decade was spent conducting the research and development for the actual CPS system as we see it today. All of this was independently done to ensure unbiased and scientifically-sound data, unspoiled by preconceptions of what works on the bike. On the surface, our approach seems quite simple. We don't have a bike sizing machine, a fit session is quick, and we don't measure a rider with a myriad of different tools and techniques. This is by design. 

Extensive testing, research, and practical analyses serve as the back-drop to the Postural System. More than 65,000 fit sessions boiled down to provide the most precise, reliable, and quantifiable data affecting your performance on a bike. Because of the dynamic inter-related function of the body, knowledge of key variables provides a comprehensive analysis of the rider's profile. The MorphoLogics Postural System pulls together the complex variables such as morphology, fitness level, type of cycling, and the rider's equipment to create a unique riding position for each cyclist. Keeping the process streamlined, however, eliminates error by focusing on the salient aspects of bike fit and how the rider-machine relate. 


We have over 10 years of lab studies across a base of more than 65,000 fit sessions across all cycling disciplines and performance levels. Our independently conducted research carefully monitored all physiological responses to cycling across road, track, time trial, triathlon, cross, and mountain bike disciplines. We tested world class, top level amateur, club racer, and tourist athletes for muscular endurance, VO2Max, optimal power output, optimal cadence, optimal oxygen uptake, respiratory rate, blood-lactate, and aerodynamics across a set of exhaustive test protocols to arrive at our data. We have even looked at the response rate of secondary and tertiary muscles to determine optimal fit data that can be applied directly to you, the rider. 

In researching the rider-bike pair we've discovered that the proper position is paramount and whether you choose to apply it to your current bike, go shopping for a new standard geometry offering, or use it as the blueprint for YOUR custom frameset doesn't matter to us. Ensuring that our CPS clients ride in comfort while optimizing health and performance is our only goal with the bike fit system. 

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Less Energy = Better Performance

The Morphologics system is based on the physiological principle that a rider going the same speed, with the same power output while using less energy will perform at a higher level.  A more efficient position limits fatigue, favors the proper muscles and body systems and leads to a better result.

Simple & Accurate

The Morphologics system doesn't depend on the skill of the individual fitter and the varied results that method may provide.  Rather, the system is stable on the front-end, depending on a detailed rider interview, information on the rider's equipment and just 9 key body measurements.  It is easy to conduct a fit, efficient, and accurate. 

Other notable features


Equipment Database

Your shoes, your pedals, your saddle.  All of these touch points are key to your riding position and we have the data to ensure your proper fit.


Tested Across All Levels of Cycling

From top pros to 75 year-olds, the system has shown its adaptability to all levels of the sport.  Whether you are a top pro or a new enthusiast, all cyclists benefit from a position perfectly adapted to them and their unique characteristics.  The system fits each rider as the unique individual he or she is.

CPS Athletes include: 

•Thor Hushovd (Green Jersey winner)  
•Sylvain Chavanel (French National Champion) 
•Thomas Voeckler (Yellow Jersey holder)
•Florent Brard (French National Champion) 
•Anthony Geslin (Bronze Medal, World Championships)  
•Samuel Dumoulin (TDF Stage Winner)
•Laurent Gane (World & Olympic Champion, track) •Simon Lessing (World Triathlon Champion). 
•Tony Deboom (Masters World Triathlon Champion)
•Dmitri Champion (French National Champion)
•Jérémy Roy (Paris-Nice Stage Winner)

Results You Can Count On

Forget the lasers and showbiz treatments that are based on antiquated methods and incomplete data.  The Morphologics system is independently validated by scientists and the medical community, ensuring a comprehensive fit based on actual data and research so that you can perform to your best.  Most other fit methods are highly subjective, depending on "feel" and the varied abilities of the bike fitter.  Our result is consistent and precise.

All Types of Cycling

You can be fit across Road, MTB, Cross, Time Trial, Triathlon, and Track.  Your fit can be updated at any time for changes to equipment, updates in fitness level or for extra cycling disciplines.

Fit to You

The Morphologics fit is individualized, based on your precise measurements, fitness level, injury status, cycling discipline and even the specific characteristics of your equipment.  You'll get your fit, each time.


For more information on the Morphologics Postural System and FIT CENTERS , please Visit Their Site here.