Cyfac Carbon Production

Cyfac carbon is a combination of unique artistry and technical expertise.  We are not on the mass-production side of the scale and each carbon frame requires more than 40 hours to build and paint.  Its construction depends on skill, patience, passion and control of the entire process.  Each frame is made for each rider and follows a specific path from design development to the rider's very time throwing a leg over the top tube.  

For us, carbon is just the latest material that our team of artisans and technicians have mastered.  We won't say that it's the greatest material for every rider and every circumstance as there projects and athletes better served by steel or alloy.  But we can say that it provides a very dynamic chassis for a variety of riding levels and types of cycling.

Our handcrafted frames feature an exclusive C3 (Cyfac Carbon Construction) process.  Layers of carbon fiber and kevlar are applied to both our standard and custom geometry framesets to make them strong, comfortable, and durable.


Cyfac carbon frames are made in a painstaking process across more than 35 hours.  Our build quality is a signature of each Cyfac frame.


This video demonstrates Cyfac's carbon stratification process using a combination of Kevlar, Taffeta, 3K and 1K carbon weave. All Cyfac frames are hand-built in the company's Loire Valley factory in the French countryside.