Le Vélo = L'Amour

Cyfac is steeped in the heroic era of cycling's history.  Long before a world television audience, multi-million dollar contracts, and massive sponsorship dollars, riders rode for glory, to escape a fate of working in the mines or the local factory, and for the chance to prove their mettle.  Racing across the windswept pavé of Northern France, the sinuous descents of the Italian Riviera, or the dusty plains of Spain's interior, a rider would often race an entire season on just one bike.  Through crashes, punishing classics, and tortuous grand Tours, that era's riders didn't race in a disposable sport.  We stand for this and the beauty and authenticity that comes from making one's own product.


Built to last

Before the era of mass-production, bikes were built to-order and to-last.  We carry that spirit through to today, offering our clients the very best in quality.


Built for you

Each project is for you, the rider.   know, a rider who wants a better experience.  A rider who respects quality, fit, and finish.  We build each from for you.  


Built by us

When you ride a Cyfac you'll notice the difference that comes from a skilled, artisan-quality production.  We aren't just a marketing company.  We are builders.

Well,I have ridden a few bikes now over the years. The Cyfac Gothica CS remains the Bentley Continental of bikes. Fast, light, impeccable steering, almost mountain bike levels of comfort on 700c 23mm tyres, magic carpet on 25’s. Disturbingly awesome. And brought me safely to a controlled stop after a 35mph downhill blow out on the front tyre. Not many manufacturers can claim that, though I don’t think I meant to spec ABS! Top bombing guys. Love the bike.
— Simon C.