Variety.  Hand-selected.

Cyfac is the only builder to work in all bicycle frame materials including carbon, ti-carbon, steel, and alloy.  This gives you the full range of choices to suit your desired performance needs, aesthetics, and budget.  It means that you'll get exactly what you want, no compromises.


Precision.  Customization.

Our custom is true custom.  With our production methods and skillset, we can ensure that you get the best man-machine pair, creating a frame that is an extension of the rider, built-to-order, without any tinkering to make the athlete fit the frame.


Choice.  Taste.  Yours.

Our finish quality and options ensure the most personalized and dialed-in look to your Cyfac bike.  We don't use decals so you'll get exactly what you like whether you select from one of our standard templates or a total one-off from the Cyfac Design Studios. 


Cyfac Honored

Cyfac has been honored by the French government and Ministry of Culture as an Entreprise de Patrimoine Vivante, a company with a unique savoir-faire and skillset that is integral to the French heritage, in this case cycling, and all that it means for France.  Companies honored with this label must produce their products in France using both artisan processes and advanced technologies highlighting France's position as an innovator and producer.  The stringent set of criteria ensure that only the most accomplished companies receive this designation.  We are honored and humbled by the recognition and remain committed to preserving the passion and dedication that got us here.

Click on the EPV Label for more information.

Click on the EPV Label for more information.