Our handcrafted carbon frames feature an exclusive C3 (Cyfac Carbon Construction) process.  Layers of carbon fiber weave and kevlar are hand-selected for each project and applied with an exclusive lay-up method that yields strong, durable, high-performance custom framesets.  Choose from the latest options to dial in your dream ride.


Steel courses through Cyfac's veins.  Born in the artisan era, steel is where we began.  When all professional riders raced on steel frames, Cyfac built for 1/3 of the top peloton.  Greats like Fignon, Mottet, Marie, Madiot, Longo and many more raced on Cyfac steel.  Our current steel frames offer you an exciting new adventure.



Light, ultra-reactive, and built-to-last, our alloy framesets have a rich heritage within the pro racing peloton.  As recently as 2003, nearly 1/3 of the top pro teams were on Cyfac alloy in the guise of a sponsor's paint. Chiapucci, Pantani, Vandenbroucke, Virenque, Millar, and more raced Cyfac to countless victories.


 These frames just don't fit into a neat and tidy category yet fully deliver one what a customer wanted. Cyfac can make all sorts of special, one-off projects for you.  If you need something made, just for you, we are your builder.  

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