Marco's Green Monster

Summer 2013

Case Study of customer (Marco). He ordered a Nerv aluminum frame from us that prominently features the three facets of customization:   (1) custom geometry, (2) custom engineering, (3) custom paint/design. 

(1) Custom Geometry

-- Marco is rides a 52cm alloy frame and wanted to recreate that geometry with a few tweaks:

-- Marco was very specific about his geometry, and upon receiving the above we worked through several iterations of frame geometries to get it just right - including making sure it is UCI legal!!!

CYFAC geo.jpeg

 (2) Custom Engineering

-- ISP - Marco wanted an alu ISP, so we extended the (round) seat-tube all the way up so that he can use a Ritchey seat mast head to attach his saddle. 

Image 6.jpeg

-- Head-tube - Marco wanted the head-tube and top-tube to flow into each other, much like what we're used to seeing in carbon monocoque frames. We had to do a lot of extra welding/sanding to achieve this effect:

Image 1.jpeg

-- Super-stiff frame - Marco wanted something crazy stiff, so we did the following: (1) extra weld material around head-tube and BB to beef things up, (2) replaced the top-tube with tubing that is normally used for down-tubes, (3) replaced regular chain-stays with XL stays, and (4) added an extra strut crossing the chain-stays near the BB:

Image 2.jpeg

(3) Custom Paint/Design

-- Marco requested for a brushed alu finish, but was very specific about the amount of "brushing" we did. So he sent us some visual aids:


-- On top of the brushed finish Marco wanted a translucid green paint. I've always found paint to be very difficult to align, and sometimes even what appears on a pantone color chip just doesn't look the same on a metal or carbon frame. As such, we encouraged Marco to go to a paint shop to find exactly what he wanted, which he did:


-- But it doesn't stop here. We actually painted a sample onto a scrap piece of aluminum and sent it to the factory for color-matching. As you can below, we managed to get very close!


-- Note that this aluminum frame is paired with a carbon fork. We can replicate the brushed alloy finish on carbon by painting a silver "brushed effect" layer of paint before applying the same trans-lucid green paint. 

-- In terms of graphics, again Marco was very specific. He gave us a bunch of logos/images that he wanted to place in very specific parts of the frame:

Frame graphics placement.png

-- As is the case most of the time, Marco only provided us with jpeg files that couldn't be scaled up to the right size for stencil printing. So we ended up re-rendering each graphic in vector form:

Marco Graphics.jpeg

-- Once that was done, we mocked-up the design for final approval:

Marco Fang Nerv ISP v1.1.jpeg

The frame is undergoing some final touches at the factory right now, but I'll be sure to show you guys the final outcome.