Dear Cyfac:

The bike continues to impress.
You don't know this but I bought a new bike recently (I won't mention the make) my intention was to buy a complete bike & replace the frame with the Nerv that I'd bought from Eric & Aymeric earlier this year - then sell the other frame. Before doing so I rode the bike a few times. It was a really bad ride / handling comfort, most things felt wrong - I thought I'd made a major mistake buying the bike. So my first outing on the Cyfac Nerv was a mixture of anticipation & apprehension - I was "on tenterhooks" hoping I would notice an improvement!

Well it was an unbelievable Transformation.  How can a change of frame have such a positive impact - I can't define it I can only put it down to the Cyfac magic in the frame  making. Aymeric said he'd ridden a Nerv & that I wouldn't be disappointed - he was right, it's inspiring! I'm out riding my bike now much more than I ever did.

anyway I'm off now out to the hills of Argyll & Bute where the Nerv seems to excel. Thanks again for everything - keep up the good work.

Best Wishes


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