Blogging is surely the arena for those with more expansive wits and much more time on their hands than us, the team at Cyfac.  Our lack of blog posting is a testament to how busy we've been this season.  We apologize for keeping the blog sparse.  We've found that Facebook is a great means to diffuse info on our latest products and stay in touch with Cyfac riders and potential clients.  Please follow us there.

We are very much "the little engine that could", given our modest size coupled with an enlarged passion for building bikes.  The past 6 months have seen an explosion in interest, orders, and new dealers/distributors across our established network and now beyond.  Who'd have imagined a year ago that we'd go from our core French market with a healthy dose in the US to an established dealer/distribution network covering Oceanie, key markets in Asia, Europea, and North America...This is testament to the fine work of our team based in La Fuye.

We thank you, our passionate clientele, for supporting the brand and appreciating the work that we do for you!

Merci et bonne route!