Nick M. recently took delivery of his new Cyfac Proxidium Carbone.  He was kind enough to share some of his thoughts:

"The Proxidium Carbon 56 cm frame arrived beautifully finished off in a deep,lustrous Mega colour scheme. Out of the box, the set up was perfect. The most noticeable aspect of the bike design is the large elliptical downtube with opposing axes at the bottom bracket and head tube (reminiscent of the old Columbus Max steel tubing) that presumably contributes to the brilliantly stiff frame and easy, immediate power transfer. The carbon back end has curved stays and really lovely replaceable dropouts. It certainly looks the part!

Handling is immaculate, coping easily with rough, rutted, unpredictable country tracks, and providing sufficient give to make the ride over these treacherous surfaces genuinely enjoyable. The ride really is very comfortable indeed, feeling plush on reasonable road surfaces and with very similar road feedback  to with my 'cyclosportif' steel framed sportive bike with a longer wheelbase. Not only is the handling predicable, it is lively enough to be immediately responsive to rider input. A side-effect of the bike's great poise is a couple of cms of toe overlap likely to affect riders with shoe sizes larger than 44/45. Of course this isn't a big issue except when attempting a slow U turn or standing in traffic, and in practise for a bike intended for road riding and racing is almost a non issue, requiringminimal adaptation."

Merci Nick!  Bonne route.