From fed111r posted with one of our Cyfac videos on Youtube:

"I have been riding a cyfac nerv carbon (alumn lugs, nerv carbon tubes) full custom for 7 years now. its brilliant!! mysterious mix of compliant yet stiff, very resonsive yet not harsh or twitchy. on rides people acuse of me of demonic descents and never slowing down for corners... its not me - its the bike :) i can't say enough good things about it, or the US distributor, eric sakalowsky."

Merci beaucoup! 

Glad to see a mention of the Nerv Carbon and its blend of Alloy-Carbon fibre.  7 years or riding and going strong - this goes a little bit towards dispelling the myth that alloy is disposable.  Cyfac's stance on that type of comment is that a frame built poorly with the best material is still a bad frame.  Conversely, a well-constructed frame built with a less-hyped material can be a top performer because it conforms to a much higher standard of craftsmanship and an attention-to-detail that mass builders aren't going to lavish on their product.

There's a quiet resurgence in interest on the aluminum side of things as more and more people are seeking out a better option compared to mass-produced carbon fiber.  Take another look at aluminum and steel.  Today's versions are fantastic performers, can be built custom just for you, and offer an exceptional value and performance.