Is Cyfac a small artisan builder making its custom-crafted framesets by hand in the French countryside?  Well...yes.  But, we are also have an avant-garde design and R&D approach that belies our modest size.  In fact, this focus on staying ahead of the curve goes back to Cyfac's very beginning when Francis Quillon (Cyfac's founder and current Honorary President) turned his sights to new alloys and building techniques found in other industries. 

During the late 1980's/early 1990's aluminum alloys were in wide use in the aeronautics and automotive fields (Cyfac benefitted from having some very passionate customers who were F1 drivers and pilots).  Cyfac tested this revolutionary material in a variety of permutations for the first trendsetters in the cycling world.  We built the very first alloy race bikes for Claudio Chiappucci and Marco Pantani and showed many of the most stalwart cycling traditionalists that aluminum alloys could stand up to the rigors of professional racing.

In the early 1990's we produced a series of full-custom aero-wing Time Trial framesets for Tour riders and other TT specialists.  Dubbed the "superbike" design, Cyfac, along with Lotus (consider Chris Boardman's TT frame from this era), brought this revolutionary frame silhouette to the professional cycling world.  Custom-built, the Cyfac version featured Columbus alloy sheets that were custom-laid to provide a fully dialed-in fit.  Complete with internal brake and derailleur routing, the Cyfac frame even sported a very aero fork for its day. Such cycling greats as Richard Virenque, Alex Zulle, Christophe Moreau and Laurent Brochard used this frame.

The UCI didn't waste too much time before banning this design for its unfair advantage.  But, Cyfac's daring endeavor showcases a talent for producing hi-tech custom frames before anyone else.  We continue this daring mix of hi-tech and artisan craftsmanship today.