Cyfac offers a level of customization that is unmatched in the cycling world.  Today, "Custom build” is something of a misnomer, as the term generally means that a rider can spec the components, bar tape, wheels, tire options, and such that relate only to the set-up and not to the frame at all.  Cyfac is a frame builder.  For us, customization speaks to the heart of a bike and the relationship between the rider and vélo with the frame at its core.  Adding different components can help to dial in a standard frameset but true customization is the combination of myriad factors that can only be addressed by starting with a frame perfectly adapted to the rider.  Our goal is harmony for this rider-bicycle pair.  This ensures optimal rider function, bicycle dynamics, and performance regardless of the rider level or cycling discipline. 

We can break Cyfac frame customization down across three key:


We can use whichever angles and tube lengths are required for a custom build.  Our construction processes are unconstrained by lugs or other static pieces that inhibit a fully-customized frame.  Alterations to slope, trail, chain stay length, bottom bracket height, and other variables are possible and come together to create a truly customized fit and frame make-up.  We'll use our experience building for all levels of riders, on all terrains, and under all conditions to craft a frame that meets the fit needs, handling desires, and expectations of each rider.  We build custom geometries that cover all disciplines of cycling:  Road, Track, Cross, Time Trial, Triathlon, Tandem, Touring/Rando, MTB.  We can work with existing custom geometries or help create one from scratch following various methodologies including the Cyfac Postural System.

Cyfac offers custom frames in carbon, aluminum, steel, and titanium (ti tubes mated to custom carbon tube intersections) along with blends of each material.  Within each material we have various tube profiles, shapes, and sizes that can be used to craft a rider's perfect frame.  We can add BB30, oversized seat tubes, and oversized/tapered forks on certain models to further enhance certain desired properties.  For carbon, we can change the amount of carbon as well as its orientation to affect the frame’s characteristics.  Even identical geometries can use different material selections that best suit the rider and the desired frame feel.   If you aren’t sure what you want or need, we have the experience to help dial it in just for you.

All Cyfac painting is done in-house.  We use an eco-friendly paint process that offers more than 30,000 tints as well as the ability to do custom colors to match equipment, team clothing, and PMS codes.  Customers can choose from more than 7 stock paint templates (Absolu original, S2, Millennium, Griffe, Mega, Ellipse, Cadence…) with the following options within each template:

•custom colors.
•swaping/inverting colors.
•inverting nude carbon/paint elements.
•adding/subtracting logos.
•resizing logos.
•rider name/initials/personal logo.
•team logo/colors.

Additionally, Cyfac’s skill with custom stencils (we don’t use decals) can be used to create special one-off custom options.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have a custom project in mind!