This is us.  This is Cyfac.  

This is for your bike.  This is for you.  This is real.  

Is it important who makes your frame?  Yes.  Why?  Because a bike is not a hub cap.  It's not a lawn chair.  It's not something best made by unskilled and sometimes exploited workers in conditions and for wages none of us would tolerate.  A bike is more than that - at least, we feel that way.  And, we think you do too.

A bike is an extension of you and is your most important training partner.  When it's built by people who care about you, who make decisions to help the client and not the profit margin, who are passionate about what they are doing, well, this transcends the widget and turns your bike into a rolling piece of you.

We don't have the big marketing budgets.  We don't have the pro team.  We DO NOT pay others to ride our bikes.  YOU are our pro.

We bring 30 years of experience building for pro riders who actually purchased their frames from us.  We build for the enthusiast who wants to set a personal best for Paris-Brest-Paris.  We build for the sighted pilot and blind stoker who become World Tandem Champions.  We build for the injured army ranger who needs a custom frame just to ride again.  We are frame builders not marketers.  We don't make unfounded promises and we don't seduce with marketing-speak.  We are authentic and we build your frame for you.  

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