The Cyfac Postural System has fit more than 25,000 riders since it debuted with dealers.  Sylvain Chavanel, Thomas Voeckler, Thor Hushovd, cyclosportifs, and enthusiasts the world over have benefitted from our precise, efficient, and laboratory-tested fitting system.

Conceived to create an optimal union between rider and machine, the Cyfac Postural System is the realization of more than 20 years of detailed positioning analysis done at France's Lyon Center of Sports Medicine. A full decade was spent conducting the R&D for the actual CPS system as we see it today. A team of medical doctors, Ph.d’s, Physiologists, Ergonomists and other technicians independently produced and verified the protocols and research to ensure unbiased and scientifically-sound data, unspoiled by preconceptions of what works on the bike. 

In January 2012, we will introduce the all-new patent-pending CPS unit with dealer and distributor launches worldwide.

The best fit allows the rider to ride farther and faster with less wear-and-tear and greater efficiency.  

Stay tuned for more details.