Steel has entered a new era.  Long cherished for its exceptional ride characteristics, ease-of-use in building, and overall performance, the past decade or so saw steel largely pushed aside as the big brands garner the marketing bang of having the lightest, stiffest frameset (that is also happens to be the most easily built by a subcontracted facility in Asia).  Well, steel has come around as many riders have jettisoned their mass-produced carbon rigs and harsh rides in favor of the real deal.  Now we encounter the stunning beauty and exceptional qualities of XCR Stainless steel.

Crafted by Bernard (Cyfac's longest-serving employee at 30 years on the job) and Francis Quillon (Cyfac's founder and now honorary President), each Cyfac XCR frameset features custom geometry, tube selections made for the individual rider, and your choice of finish options.  Exceptional starts to do justice to how this beauty looks...Words are tough to come by to describe just how nicely it rides...

Available with a variety of build specs, including full Di2 routing!  Let us know what you think.