We just received this fantastic message from Bob V. in Seattle:

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I am enjoying the new Absolu. I’ve trained pretty hard to be able to “represent” and last Tuesday I went out with the fast boys and, with the group split into two groups – extremely fast and slightly less fast – I went with the slightly less fast group. We pounded out 33 miles at a very robust tempo with a good deal of climbing and I held my own. Its been a lot a years since I pacelined with a group, and my strategy was absent as I found myself leading into every hill. Ugh! I was knocking on the door of the pain cave a few times towards the end, but I didn’t get dropped! Not too shabby for an old guy...!
So, about that bike… I am growing to appreciate the Absolu more and more. Now with my last bike 30 years old, I’d never really ever ridden a carbon frame, so I don’t have much in way of comparative reference. But I “absolu-tly” am loving my new bike. I think your team was able to perfectly accomplish the goal of creating a ride not quite like a Formula 1 car, but more like the 700 Series BMW or 500 SL Mercedes as we discussed. Responsive, but still very luxurious. And the downhill handling was superb! My old steel frame would have surely picked up a harmonic at some point on the long decent off the mountain, but I never had even a hint of wobble on the Absolu. And it climbed like a dream, it felt like every ounce of effort was translated to the road."

Thanks Bob!  Keep up the great riding!