David C. recently sent us this note:

"I promise that this will be my last testimonial for a while. I rode a charity century over the weekend in 92 degree heat. This is the fifth time I have done the ride, third time at 100 miles. I finished in 6.45 which is fully 90 minutes less than the first time I did it in 2006. The bike was flawless. Really comfortable although my legs were suffering at the end. I attribute this to probably not enough liquid...I am always surprised on a long ride how you will get bursts of energy out of nowhere. About 60 miles out I was on my own on a long flat with a German guy on my wheel -- don't really like it when strangers get a freebie, but he seemed like a nice guy. Anyway, I looked down and I was going 24 mph and just wanted to see what the bike and I could conjure up. I stayed between 28-30 on a flat for 5-6 minutes with my heart going at 140-145. It was really exhilarating. It is a great bike and I like it more every time I ride it. Thank you."