Comparing a handcrafted Cyfac to a frame that's mass-produced in China is no apples-to-apples equation.  For almost 30 years Cyfac has produced framesets by hand to the exact standards of our customers.  We've built for Fignon, Miller, Chiapucci, Vandenbroucke, Olympic, World and Grand Tour champions.  We've built for a 72 year old tackling all of the famous Alpine climbs in one season.  We've built for the winner of Paris-Brest-Paris.  We've built for 100 cyclists riding from Paris to Beijing.  We've built for big companies and put their brand on our bikes.  Utlimately, we build for you.

Here's a recent article that continues the territory dispute between the UCI and members of the cycling industry.  We don't want to delve into the political aspects of the article but, rather, want to focus on the attention finally paid to Asian production.  The items that are mass-produced in Asia differ dramatically from what we make at Cyfac.  While the calculus for the big brands is to optimize production costs to get them to the lowest possible level while maximizing retail prices (via marketing) to get the highest possible margin, we put our resources into the product, who is making our frames, and the way each one is made.  Via subcontracted overseas mass-production, certain brands put resources behind the marketing engine, the distribution network, sponsored teams, advertising, and more.  Fewer and fewer resources are spent on the actual frame/bike and, in our opinion, the rider suffers for this.

See the article here.

We at Cyfac are fortunate that earlier investments in composites, tube design capabilities, and paint resources were made.  We bring some of the 21st century skillsets to our approach based in the time-honored tradition of craftsmanship.  We make each frame one at a time to suit the needs of our clients.  While certain operations are streamlined, nothing is cookie-cutter as each frame made ends up being a unique project whether from a geometry, materials, paint standpoint or all of the above.  

When you are comparing Cyfac to the others, there is no comparison.  What we lack in marketing hype, pro team sponsorships, and advertising is made up for in the substance and intrinsic value of our product.