This year, Cyfac celebrates 30 years.

Francis Quillon founded Cyfac in 1982 in a little workshop across the country lane from his house.  Amid the vineyards and chateaux, Cyfac flourished and its passion for cycling became ingrained in all that we do.  Our current workshop has grown a bit over the years but it still stands at the same spot in the Loire Valley countryside.  

Begun after a passion for bike-racing led to a passion for fixing and building frames, Cyfac started as a true artisan "atelier".  "CYFAC", the name, is actually an acronym for "Cycles Fabrication Artisanale des Cadres" which essentially translates to "Handmade Bicycle Frames."  Cyfac did that in an impressive way from the start, immediately building and repairing the frames of top amateur riders and pros alike.  Soon, individual riders turned into full teams.  And, during a time when most French bike shops also had their own store brand of custom frames, Cyfac became the frame of choice under other names.

Through the years, famous riders like Fignon, Mottet, Riis, Virenque, Pantani, Chiappucci, Vandenbroucke, Miller and more chose Cyfac frames. Technologically-advanced and dependable, each frame was built with the necessary excellence to withstand the demands of hard grit European racing and training.  The "Cyfac" brand didn't exist yet but the reputation for quality, fit, and fantastic ride characteristics carried the company's notoriety forth.  

Cyfac was the first to TIG-weld aluminum frames, the first European custom titanium builder, the first full-custom carbon frame maker and the world's only full-custom alu superbike builder (since outlawed by the UCI). Today, Cyfac remains at home with old-world craftsmanship and cutting edge technologies; Cyfac employs the best of both worlds to maintain our focus on quality in both the manufacturing and finish processes.  Our artisans and technical staff infuse each frame with a time-honored attention-to-detail and passion for cycling, making each one to-order just for you.

See a bit of our "firsts" throughout the years.