January 18th marked the official launch of the TEAM VERANDA RIDEAU-U.  Supported by France's NORMANDIE Région as Normandy's first professional cycling team, the introduction event featured Daniel Mangeas, known as "the voice" of the Tour de France.  Monsieur Mangeas is the Tour announcer, calling the store stages and providing all of the color-commentating at the world's most pretigious cycling event.  He lent his famous voice and passion for cycling to the VERANDA RIDEAU-U launch, creating an ambiance that was truly pro.

We look forward to following the exploits of this fantastic new team.  A mix of young and veteran riders, VERANDA RIDEAU-U will be the only pro team riding custom frames.  We look forward to seeing their season launch at the end of the month with the famous GP de Marseillaise race in Southern France.