As we've mentioned on Facebook and elsewhere, the Cyfac Postural System gets relaunched soon (Feb 2012).  Forefront on our minds these days are questions of bike fit and set-up.  There is a lot of good information out there, a lot of anecdotal reckoning that cuts every which way possible, and then other supposed "legitimate" variants that fall short in terms of scientific study and plain old reason.  When everyone purports to be an expert, we like to recognize items that make sense and that should warrant additional consideration.  Take a look at the January 2012 issue of Triathlete Magazine.  An article about aerobar set-up caught our eye:  "AEROBAR SETUP: DOES LOWER ALWAYS EQUAL FASTER?"

If you can track this down, give it a read.  While we question some of the rather linear and oversimplified arguments, we do think it's great to focus on dispelling the myth that lowering the bars makes you faster.  A couple of points:

•"You still have to generate power."  Bingo.  "Aerodynamics" sounds like a good criteria to chase but what if it's to the detriment of your overall output.  You can have a better aerodynamic profile that results in you going slower if it impedes your ability to actually apply force to the pedal, if it has a negative impact on physiological efficiencies, and doesn't allow you to generate optimal output. 

•"Lowering the bars doesn't always lower the rider."  True.  In fact, your frontal profile is more dependent on your body position than on the position and characteristic of your bars or any other equipment (including that very small front brake that so many brands now hide in the interest of marketing, ahem…, I mean aerodynamics.  If you have to extend and open up your arms to get into lower bars then doesn't that just make your frontal surface area that much more exposed?!  Yes.  If you don't have the proportions that allow you to take those bars lower while remaining the proper position then your bike might look faster but you'll be slower! 

Some things to consider.  Stay tuned for more CPS information as the launch date approaches.


Bonne route!