So, in today's market we all know that many cycling products are made in China and Taiwan and then distributed throughout the world under the guise of various brand names.  Many competing brands are all manufactured under the same roof by the same companies using many shared processes, technologies, and materials.  While this is a reality of today's bicycle market (and many markets for that matter) it's not the case with us.  

We recently attended the Taipei Cycle Show in Taiwan's capital city.  Heading upstream from the normal flow of the cycling world's products presents some unique situations that give us a chuckle and help reinforce our commitment to making our own products, one-at-a-time, with each client in-mind.  One day of the show brought a bunch of Taiwanese and Chinese company reps looking for new clients; that's one key aspect of the show given that you assemble the brands and the companies who are actually making the products together in one place.  They looked over an Absolu that we had built up for the show and told us that they could build it for us themselves.  When we told them how it was built (tube-to-tube and not out of a mould) and that we custom build each frame they smiled, raised their eyebrows with a little twinkle in their eye, and said something to the effect of "wow".  Each person was incredibly nice and respectful, always tied Cyfac to the Tour de France, and asked us some more inquisitive questions about our finishes and options.  And then, ultimately, they asked us the volume of frames that we produce in this fashion.  That's when it was their turn to laugh.  We probably make in 1 year what most of these factories produce in a week!  The scale of what we do and the fact that we are making each frame to-order is antithetical to the way most goods are produced in the cycling world these days.  Cyfac is old-fashioned in this sense.  But, we found an appreciative and receptive audience all the same.

The goal of our time in Taipei is to find new distribution partners for the Asian markets.  We already work through Cyfac distributors in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan and even have a Cyfac Postural System dealer in South Korea.  We see the desire among the growing base of Asian cyclists for high-end product and many have said that they don't want something that is made locally and then given the appearance of being "European" because of the brand and marketing.  They know otherwise.  To them, our little booth with our handmade Cyfac frames pleased them just fine as it underscored the authenticity and focus of what we do with each frame.  The entire French Pavillon of cycling companies added some additional resonance to our efforts to export to Asia and we will soon announce several new partners ready to help us spread the Cyfac name throughout the passionate cycling world in Asia.

Cyfac continues to design, produce, and finish all of its own products in-house at our Loire Valley workshop.  We are expanding our global reach through distribution in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  There are some untouched markets so if you are interested in distributing Cyfac, please let us know!