Mr. James H. shares his thoughts on his beautiful Absolu:

"You may remember last May that my wife bought me what can only be described as the best wedding present I could wish for, a Cyfac Absolu. The day I picked up my first Cyfac, Proxidium Carbon, I saw the first Absolu in the UK and for me that was the ultimate frame and since then I have always wanted to own one. Luckily for me I married a very understanding and generous wife and thanks to Laura, Dave at Boutique cycles, you and the Cyfac team I’m now living the dream. I spent my honeymoon designing and researching the frame design and what you guys delivered was absolutely spot on, right down to the very last detail, it’s an absolute masterpiece. Because this is no ordinary frame and completely unique I wanted to do the frame justice in terms of components that complement the design but most importantly the ride qualities. It’s taken until now to get the finished bike together although I was riding it as soon as I could, so I have attached some photo’s, although they do not do the bike justice. I will take some better ones so let me know if you would like me to send them over?

I would like to thank you and all the staff at Cyfac for putting the whole experience together, from the engraved bottle of wine through to the perfectly finished frame. The bike is artistic and design perfection and the ride is amazing, so comfortable yet so stiff and responsive. Both my bikes are testament to what Cyfac do and I love the fact that they have been built and crafted in the place they were designed. There is nothing that looks and rides as good.

Many thanks,