Cyfac's Melbourne retail partner, Artisan Cycles, showcases the craftsmanship and customization to the passionate cyclists looking for something different.

"This fine example of French frame building needs to be seen to be appreciated.  The glossy metallic colours and matte carbon cannot be done justice through photos but see below anyway.  There are very few frame builders that offer this kind of custom paint of EVERY frame sold and better yet, can pull off something this brilliant.  Needless to say, I was very impressed when it came out of the box.

The owner has been dreaming of a new bike for a while and new bike became dream bike.  Keen to try out some new offerings from Deda (35) and alike, this Gothica CS was designed for comfort and versatility.  The tube-to-tube construction and highest quality carbon took care of the comfort whilst the Mavic Cosmics helped in the speed department.  These wheels are definitely on the heavy side but this was of little concern and compliment the French frame perfectly (stickers may come off….)"

See the full piece here.