Cyfac va prochainement commercialiser des tenues made in France, haute technologie, avec une collection permanente mais également la possibilité de personnaliser votre tenues aux couleurs de votre maillot. Présentation de la collection pour les 30 ans de la marque sur la Cyclo Les Copains !

The pro look and feel: Get your custom frame and a beautiful new Cyfac kit to match.  Starting June 15th, Cyfac will offer custom clothing matched to a client's bike.

Featuring a Pro Level cycling kit, 100% handmade in France, The Rider’s Collection can be personalized to match the color of your very own Cyfac bicycle and carries the same culture of quality and excellence as your Cyfac frame. The Collection features a stylish design that built off of Cyfac's soon-to-launch, COLLECTION line, that features the Cyfac colors. It exudes European class and cycling elegance and plays the perfect compliment to a rider's beautifullly-crafted Cyfac frame.

Each piece showcases a custom color zone that can be adapted to the color code of your bicycle to create a design unique to the rider. An added panel allows for the rider’s name or initials for further personalization. Available on and through our network of distributors and retail partners throughout the world.

Choose from:

•Short-Sleeve Jersey

•Long-Sleeve Jersey

•Bib Shorts

•Summer Gloves

•Winter Gloves

•Winter Hat

PRICING and ORDERING details will be announced shortly on and