Cyfac Témoignage

"Je vous remercie pour la qualité du travail mais aussi pour le suivi que vous avez apporté à cette affaire.Tout au long de nos échanges , j’ ai apprécié votre réactivité et votre professionnalisme.  Je souhaite la plus grande réussite à votre entreprise." Claude D.



Cyfac Gothica CS - Down Under

Cyfac's Melbourne retail partner, Artisan Cycles, showcases the craftsmanship and customization to the passionate cyclists looking for something different.

"This fine example of French frame building needs to be seen to be appreciated.  The glossy metallic colours and matte carbon cannot be done justice through photos but see below anyway.  There are very few frame builders that offer this kind of custom paint of EVERY frame sold and better yet, can pull off something this brilliant.  Needless to say, I was very impressed when it came out of the box.

The owner has been dreaming of a new bike for a while and new bike became dream bike.  Keen to try out some new offerings from Deda (35) and alike, this Gothica CS was designed for comfort and versatility.  The tube-to-tube construction and highest quality carbon took care of the comfort whilst the Mavic Cosmics helped in the speed department.  These wheels are definitely on the heavy side but this was of little concern and compliment the French frame perfectly (stickers may come off….)"

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Cyfac Testimonial Par Excellence

Mr. James H. shares his thoughts on his beautiful Absolu:

"You may remember last May that my wife bought me what can only be described as the best wedding present I could wish for, a Cyfac Absolu. The day I picked up my first Cyfac, Proxidium Carbon, I saw the first Absolu in the UK and for me that was the ultimate frame and since then I have always wanted to own one. Luckily for me I married a very understanding and generous wife and thanks to Laura, Dave at Boutique cycles, you and the Cyfac team I’m now living the dream. I spent my honeymoon designing and researching the frame design and what you guys delivered was absolutely spot on, right down to the very last detail, it’s an absolute masterpiece. Because this is no ordinary frame and completely unique I wanted to do the frame justice in terms of components that complement the design but most importantly the ride qualities. It’s taken until now to get the finished bike together although I was riding it as soon as I could, so I have attached some photo’s, although they do not do the bike justice. I will take some better ones so let me know if you would like me to send them over?

I would like to thank you and all the staff at Cyfac for putting the whole experience together, from the engraved bottle of wine through to the perfectly finished frame. The bike is artistic and design perfection and the ride is amazing, so comfortable yet so stiff and responsive. Both my bikes are testament to what Cyfac do and I love the fact that they have been built and crafted in the place they were designed. There is nothing that looks and rides as good.

Many thanks,






Cyfac | Is "Comfort" the New Buzz Word for the Cycling World?

The marketing-speak kicks into full gear as the racing calendar takes cycling fans through the cobbled classics.  A new category of frames that are now both comfortable and performance-oriented is all of a sudden miraculous and the rage amongst the cycling press and big brand PR campaigns.  So, what does this say about the previous "laterally stiff/vertically compliant" frames which were both fast and comfortable and the choice for the pro racer and the buying public alike? 

The new strata of framesets designed to take some of the edge off of their uber-stiff race bikes are certainly a great move and we applaud the effort to present more rideable bikes to those consumers who aren't young bike racers lucky enough to have a massage and rest after each ride.  We are of the opinion that most of the "race" bikes offered to the public are too geared to the stiff/light criteria and not focused enough on rideability and comfort.  If you have the stiffest frame, the stiffest drivetrain, the stiffest wheels, and the stiffest soles to your shoes, we can pretty much guarantee that there will be a stiff back, arms, and shoulders to follow (and that's if the bike even fits).  New products that don't beat the you-know-what out of the rider are great.  But, is this just more marketing blah-blah-blah?

We know that even pros can lament their super-stiff bikes and that they, who are at the summit of the sport, still want to be comfortable for all of the hours, days, and months that racing and training demand.  In every other sport, there is a much greater understanding of the impact equipment has on the athlete.  In cycling, the criteria for good has been stuck on stiffer=better so it's good to see something of a change in this calculus.

"Comfortable" has been turned into a bad word in most of the bicycle world, suggesting that this quality somehow makes a bike less capable of performance and that someone looking for a ride that is less like sitting on top of a jackhammer isn't a hard-core rider.  That needs to change.  Last we checked, aches and pains, numbness, and discomfort tends to detract from any sport.  Products that provide for comfort set the best stage for performance -- a rider is less fatigued, fresher, and better able to deliver energy to his or her performance. 


Taipei Cycle Show - Cyfac Exporting to Asia

So, in today's market we all know that many cycling products are made in China and Taiwan and then distributed throughout the world under the guise of various brand names.  Many competing brands are all manufactured under the same roof by the same companies using many shared processes, technologies, and materials.  While this is a reality of today's bicycle market (and many markets for that matter) it's not the case with us.  

We recently attended the Taipei Cycle Show in Taiwan's capital city.  Heading upstream from the normal flow of the cycling world's products presents some unique situations that give us a chuckle and help reinforce our commitment to making our own products, one-at-a-time, with each client in-mind.  One day of the show brought a bunch of Taiwanese and Chinese company reps looking for new clients; that's one key aspect of the show given that you assemble the brands and the companies who are actually making the products together in one place.  They looked over an Absolu that we had built up for the show and told us that they could build it for us themselves.  When we told them how it was built (tube-to-tube and not out of a mould) and that we custom build each frame they smiled, raised their eyebrows with a little twinkle in their eye, and said something to the effect of "wow".  Each person was incredibly nice and respectful, always tied Cyfac to the Tour de France, and asked us some more inquisitive questions about our finishes and options.  And then, ultimately, they asked us the volume of frames that we produce in this fashion.  That's when it was their turn to laugh.  We probably make in 1 year what most of these factories produce in a week!  The scale of what we do and the fact that we are making each frame to-order is antithetical to the way most goods are produced in the cycling world these days.  Cyfac is old-fashioned in this sense.  But, we found an appreciative and receptive audience all the same.

The goal of our time in Taipei is to find new distribution partners for the Asian markets.  We already work through Cyfac distributors in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan and even have a Cyfac Postural System dealer in South Korea.  We see the desire among the growing base of Asian cyclists for high-end product and many have said that they don't want something that is made locally and then given the appearance of being "European" because of the brand and marketing.  They know otherwise.  To them, our little booth with our handmade Cyfac frames pleased them just fine as it underscored the authenticity and focus of what we do with each frame.  The entire French Pavillon of cycling companies added some additional resonance to our efforts to export to Asia and we will soon announce several new partners ready to help us spread the Cyfac name throughout the passionate cycling world in Asia.

Cyfac continues to design, produce, and finish all of its own products in-house at our Loire Valley workshop.  We are expanding our global reach through distribution in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  There are some untouched markets so if you are interested in distributing Cyfac, please let us know! 


Cyfac Ultimate Cycling Australia - ABSOLU Review

The cycling season is in full-swing in the Southern Hemisphere.  With balmy temps and some great roads, Australia's market is storming.

Cyfac is becoming known in this hot-bed of cycling as more riders are looking towards something unique and of the highest quality.  Ultimate Cycling Australia Magazine, gives its readers a taste of what Cyfac has to offer wit this great review of the ABSOLU V2 custom.

As they say, "In a market dominated by factory-built carbon frames, French manufacturer Cyfac proves that custom frames can still combine passion and patience, for great results."

Read the full review here.



Cyfac Down Under

"This one will make every bike perve's heart flutter with excitement."  

Not quite the turn of phrase that we'd use, but it sums up the sentiment nicely enough!  Cyfac's presence in Australia continues to grow thanks to the top efforts of our partner, BIKE STABLE Imports.  With an eye for special builds and a keen sense of how to take advantage of Cyfac's paint template offerings these folks manage to come up with some beautiful ways to showcase Cyfac bikes.  With Australia enjoying its summer, we look forward to seeing more of our bikes on their roads.  We'll just have to figure out how to visit them next winter so that we can get some southern hemisphere sunshine!

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Romain Mathéou troisième.

La petite marche du podium en attendant la victoire.


Alors que la première épreuve des Plages Vendéennes jeudi à Saint-Révérend où Benoît Jarrier prenait la 12e place nous laissait comme un goût de désillusion après le formidable exploit réalisé à Bessèges, nous avons vu ce samedi, une équipe soudée et bien présente.

Dès le départ les coureurs de Véranda Rideau-U Haute Normandie sont actifs. Maxime Le Montagner est le premier attaquant du jour.

Dans le deuxième grand tour des trois suivis de 6 tours de circuits que comptait l’épreuve, quarante cinq coureurs se portent à l’avant dont Maxime Le Montagner, Tomasz Olejnik, Justin Jules et Romain Mathéou ainsi que trois coureurs de l’équipe réserve ussapb : Julien Duval, Clément Saint Martin, et Christopher de Souza. Ils prennent jusqu’à une minute quarante cinq d’avance sur le peloton. On observe un regroupement général à trente kilomètres de l’arrivée.

C’est à ce moment que Maxime le Montagner, accompagné de six autres coureurs tente le tout pour le tout. Les fuyards s’éloignent du peloton, le laissant à cinquante secondes derrière eux. Toutefois, sur la forte pression des équipes rivales, le peloton effectue la jonction à dix kilomètres de l’arrivée.

Le sprint massif est inévitable, et malgré un travail d’équipe remarquable de la part de tous les équipiers Véranda Rideau-U, Romain Mathéou termine 3e et Justin Jules 5e. Rudy Barbier (ussapb) prend une belle 7e place et Julien Duval 9e.

Maxime Le Montagner remporte le classement des rushs. Julien Duval (ussapb) le prix des points chauds et Clément Saint Martin (ussapb) le prix de la combattivité.

Romain Mathéou s’est dit déçu à la fin de la course, mais depuis des années qu’il n’avait plus fait d’arrivée au sprint, il retrouve ses sensations et promet de s’ajuster pour les prochaines épreuves.




Franck Vermeulen, 2ème du général de l'étoile de Bessèges, derrière Jérôme Coppel, mais devant Rein Taramaae et Pierre Rolland... un néo pro de 35 ans au milieu de 3 vainqueurs potentiels du Tour dans les années à venir ! Une sacrée entrée en matière dans le grand bain pour le Team Veranda Rideau U !!

What a great start for this first-year pro team.  Frank Vermeulen comes in 2nd overall and the team scored two 2nd place podiums on 2 separate stages with a mix of seasoned and neo-pro riders.  Bravo to this only pro team racing custom frames!




VERANDA RIDEAU-U Team Etoile de Bessèges

Justin Jules - 5ieme à la deuxième étape de l'Etoile de Bessèges!

Justin Jules - 5th place in the 2nd stage of the Etoile de Bessèges aboard his ABSOLU V2!

Entretien avec capitaine de route, Freddy BICHOT: