Match your style.  
Add your name.  
Stencil your initials.
Add your own personal logo.

For us, the quality of what you see on a finished Cyfac should match the level of the frame's workmanship beneath.  Paint is our medium of choice.  We don't do decals.  You get a more durable finish, truer colors, and a chance to get exactly what you want to match your favorite colors or team kit.

Since 2007 we have used an environmentally-friendly paint process which replaces harsh chemical solvents with water. Better for our painters and better for the environment, it even provides a more lustrous, high-quality finish to the final product! 


Paint Options:



Option 1:  Choose from one of our own templates: S1, S2, Millennium, Griffe, Ellipse, Mega, and Uni colors.



Template designs allow you to choose any mix and match of colors.  Go with shiny or matte clear-coats  and add your name or initials across beautiful all-paint designs.  

With more than 30,000 color tints at our disposal, we'll be sure to create something amazing.

View the options at the Cyfac Custom website.


Option 2:  Let us paint your own Custom dream through Cyfac Design Studios.



We'd be happy to help with your custom design.  Whether you want something classic and understated or a flashy race-ready rig, our Cyfac Design Studio staff and team of painters can make your dream a reality.  

Whether you are looking for your next Cyfac project or a repaint of one of your existing framesets, Cyfac Design Studios and our team of talented painters and finishing artists can help. And, don't stop with a frameset!  Get your wheels, cranks, helmets, stems, and more painted to match!  


Most Cyfac paint templates are included in the frame price.  Some additional paint charges do apply so ask your local Cyfac dealer for details.

Cyfac custom paint projects are all quoted at the design phase.  Contact  us  to quote your project now.


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