Cyfac Steel Production

Steel production remains a time-honored pursuit in the Cyfac workshop.  Equal parts technical skill and pure artistry, steel is one of our favorite materials to use even today.  "New" steel changes the perception of this noble material.  

 Cyfac offers the widest array of steel options, from ultra-performance stainless XCR to a vintage...well VINTAGE.  We provide a set of options unmatched in the market, all of which employ the same passion, history, and quality focus we use on the rest of our range.

Cyfac is the only frame builder to use a cataphoresis process on its steel framesets.  This chemical bath, the same that luxury car manufacturers use on their most precious metal parts, inhibits corrosion, hardens the steel's surface and ensures optimal coating for what truly is a "lifetime" frameset.  This is another example of the Cyfac Difference.

Cyfac steel frames are our lifeblood.  A steel Cyfac is what Laurent Fignon rode to two victories in Milan-San Remo, a win at the Giro d'Italia and his epic defeat by Lemond in 1989.  This is where Cyfac began and we've mastered design, construction, and finishing of our steel frames to ensure they each one stands up to the Cyfac legacy.